Building Management Systems

Total Control over the living and working environment.

Sterling Services aided in the design and implementation of Building Management Systems within retail Stores. These systems control and monitor the Air Conditioning and Ventilation systems within the stores. The Clients are able to analyze error codes generated by malfunctions in the Air Conditioning systems, this allows a more accurate diagnosis of any problems that may occur, and to inform the maintenance company of the repairs needed, this saves on costly visits to site to diagnose problems and revisits when the appropriate parts have been purchased.

The system can also access the Air Conditioning Controller remotely; this allows alterations to operation and set points to be made from the computer-based program.

We have also integrated the system to allow further inputs and outputs to be utilized, these are used for temperature sensors to control extract fans, Lux sensors to control non essential lighting, Kwh meters to monitor energy consumption, control of destratification fans to take advantage of free heating in the winter months and time clocks within the system to maximize energy efficiency.

We Organise the design, supply and installations of Building Management Systems for the remote control and monitoring of Air Conditioning, lighting and power, to aid in energy management.